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Bosa Marina beach [150 m from the hotel]
The large sandy beach of Bosa Marina is overlooked by the tower of the ‘Isola Rossa’ that dominates the landscape at the mouth of the river Temo. On the beach you will find our reserved area with beach umbrellas and lounge chairs at your disposal. The beach offers safe swimming and is ideal for children.

Beach Turas [1.5 km from the hotel]
The beach at Turas is reached along the waterfront south for about 1.5 Km The beach has a length of 300 m with coarser dark sand, which contrasts with the blue of the sea which can be rough, and for this reason it is preferred by surfers. The beach is also frequented by those who love walking on the shore in search of colored stones, corals and eyes of S. Lucia.

Beach S'abba druche [4 km from the hotel]
The Beach S'Abba Druche of Bosa, Sardinia means that in Sweet Water, is easily accessible and enjoyable, especially during the less busy times such as September. The beach is characterized by sand and pebbles of the river, the sea is clear and transparent and with relaxing surrounds. To reach it you must follow the sign for S'Abba Druche on the coast road 4 km north of Bosa. There is the possability of camper parking, as well as a restaurant and nightclub.

The beach Compultittu [5 km from the hotel]
The Beach of Compoltittu is a hidden beach of white sand in a partially closed bay where the water is crystal clear and surrounded by a rocky scenery. The surprise is not only the beach but also, continuing past the sandy coast, the vast expanse of white limestone cliffs sculpted by the action of the sea. There you can be comfortably secluded sittingwith your feet in water, or use them as springboards for diving. 5 km north of Bosa (coming from Alghero), , there is ample parking on the left. From the car, it is then a hundred meters walk down to the sea along a rough path and steps hewn from the rock.

Torre Argentina and Tentizzos [7 km from the hotel]
The beach of Torre Argentina is located 7km north of the town of Bosa on the Alghero road. The coastline is interspersed with sand and basalt rocks. Near the tower are various coves, bordered by rocks and cliffs. The sandy shore is good for children to play. The area of Tentizzos is vast, like a huge picnic site and camping ground. Explore it and find your ideal spot to stay. It 's also a popular destination for those who practice scuba diving and snorkeling. The beach offers many services: it has a large parking lot even for camper vans, and there is a restaurant and bars and showers for campers. Access by car is charged for. Near the tower there is a whole series of bays of a few hundred meters each. The absence of large beaches is compensated by the presence of flat rocks that give the landscape an almost lunar appearance. It is a popular destination for residents of Bosa and the many tourists who appreciate something different. The waters are shallow and clear and the sea is cobalt blue.

Beach of Porto Alabe [8 km from the hotel]
The beach at Marina di Tresnuraghes, Porto Alabe is one of the widest beaches in the area after that of Bosa Marina. It stretches for several kilometers, where there are several beaches where children can play safely on the soft pink sand.
The beach is bordered by cliffs and the landscape is very impressive, and is characterized by rias, volcanic hills marked by steps descending gently to the sea. The water is clear, transparent and blue.
To reach the beach we take the coast road to Bosa Turas, then follow the sign for Porto Alabe, Marina di Tresnuraghes The large car park is visible from the road. From there you walk down to the beach.

Torre Cala Culumbargia [14 km away]
It lies at the foot of the homonymous tower, built by the Spaniards in sec. XVI. If you park at Porto Alabe and walk south over the cliffside path, it is about an hour's walk.
Interesting and beautiful natural landscape, medium size, light gray-gold sand, fine gravel, sea green, deep, never crowded, even in high season, due to the difficulty of access. Very clean water, with frequent occurrence of beached Posidonia.

Port Foghe [16 km away]
The beach of Porto Foghe, Bosa is cropped in a cove carved into the basalt cliffs of the millennial path of the Rio Mannu. The surrounding landscape is volcanic, dark tones and falls in sudden natural terracing of the land formed by variations in volcanic ash. The beach is less crowded and the surrounding coast is wild and forms a continuous wall of basalt to just below Cuglieri, on the country's most distinctive Montiferru. To reach the beach we take from Tresnuraghes a road on the right, coming from the north, leading to the mouth of the Rio Mannu and then to the beach.

Mal di Ventre Island
In an hour's sailing to the south you can reach one of the most picturesque small islands of Sardinia and Italy, the island of Mal di Ventre. Beautiful and lonely, the island also known as the malu entu (ie, the evil wind, the mistral blows sometimes raging) is an island of just over one square km in extent. Its highest point above sea level is inside the lighthouse, 18 m. Along the reef called Del Catalano, is the only outcrop of some entity off the coast of Oristano. The island of Mal di Ventre is a heavenly place of rare beauty: covered with low scrub made of cistus, mastic tree, rosemary and tamarisk it is devoid of human settlements and populated only by turtles, hares, and many types of birds that nest there. This exceptional natural resource has meant that it was included in the protected marine area of Sinis. It differs from the neighboring Sardinian coasts being made up not of limestone, but granite, whose slow disintegration started in distant geological epoch, now creates the quartz beaches of Is Arutas, Mari Ermi and Maimoni. The only evidence of human presence on the island is detectable by the presence of the remains of a dolmen, and the stone walls of the huts used by shepherds during the winter for watching over their flocks, the Cala dei pastori. Instead, in Cala del relitto, less than a mile from the beach, lies the wreck of a small food carrying cargo ship of war.

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